How to use Microsoft’s virtual Windows PC to secure your digital life

Windows Sandbox: How to use Microsoft’s virtual Windows PC to secure your digital life

Shield your PC from harm if you try out suspicious software. by mark hachman

Microsoft might have positioned its easy-peasy Windows Sandbox inside the Windows 10 Might 2019 ( Replace as a protected zone for testing untrusted purposes, however it’s rather more than that. Windows Sandbox, and sandboxing PC apps basically, offer you a solution for making an attempt a “utility” that could be malware, or an internet site that you simply’re unsure about. You may depart those probably dangerous parts alone, but with Sandbox, you could be a little extra adventurous.

Windows Sandbox creates a secure “Windows within Windows” virtual machine surroundings solely from scratch, and partitions it off from your “real” PC. You possibly can open a browser and surf securely, obtain apps, even go to web sites that you simply in all probability shouldn’t. Sandbox also includes a distinctive comfort: it enables you to copy information out and in of the virtual PC, bringing them out of quarantine when you’re positive they’re protected.

At any time, you possibly can shut Windows Sandbox, and once you do, something left there’s completely obliterated. If that dodgy website rains malware down on your Sandbox, all it takes is one click to shut it down, with out hurt to your precise Windows set up. Next time you launch a brand new version of Sandbox, it can launch a pristine model of Windows 10 to start a brand new.

You gained’t need to buy a second copy of Windows to use the Windows Sandbox function either—though you will want Windows 10 Professional or Enterprise. The House model doesn’t help it.

Here’s every little thing you want to know to start utilizing Windows Sandbox.


Windows Sandbox, in a window, seems to be like Windows—as a result of it’s. It’s just another Windows desktop firewalled from your main installation.

Technically, Windows Sandbox is a lightweight virtual machine, a software typically used by builders and researchers to check new software within a managed surroundings. Virtualization creates a whole virtual pc, complete with working system, storage, and reminiscence, within your present Windows PC.

Granted, Windows already provides Hyper-V to obtain comparable tasks. What makes Sandbox so interesting is that Sandbox is to Hyper-V as Windows 10’s Mail app is to Outlook: a simplified, user-friendly model of a way more complicated software.

Past the Windows 10 Pro requirement, Windows Sandbox’s performance influence

For those who open Windows Sandbox as a full-screen window, you’ll see some further icons. Clicking the cellular-style signal bar produces this message, partially as a result of the “remote” Windows you’re connecting to isn’t remote in any respect.

demands a modern, fairly powerful machine with virtualization capabilities.

Listed here are the minimal specifications for the function:

•   A 64-bit processor able to virtualization, with at the least two CPU cores; Microsoft recommends a quad-core chip. (Nearly all Intel processors bought since 2016 help virtualization, though this Intel information ( explains how to examine. In any other case, the Efficiency tab inside the Process Supervisor will inform you whether or not virtualization is enabled-credit to Shailesh Jha ( for the reminder.

•  Virtualization enabled in your motherboard BIOS, if it’s not already

•  Windows Professional, Enterprise, or Server

•  A minimum of 4GB of RAM (8GB is advisable)

•  At the very least 1GB of free disk area (SSD advisable)

Windows Sandbox is an alternate function of Windows, and it gained’t be put in by default even if it’s obtainable to you. To enable it, you’ll need to go to the Windows Features control panel, which yow will discover by looking for Turn

To enable Windows Sandbox, you’ll first want to install it.

Windows Options On And Off. To enable Sandbox, you’ll need to scroll down and verify the right field. Windows will install the required information and may have to reboot your PC.

When the installation process is completed, there gained’t be any bells or whistles. To enable Sandbox, you possibly can simply sort Windows Sandbox into the Windows search field. It might take a minute or two to load, if only because Windows wants to set up the virtual machine. Microsoft has stated beforehand that it’ll “freeze” the state of the virtual machine, archive it, and convey it up if you launch Windows Sandbox again— principally, every thing should launch quicker next time around.


Sandbox appears as a small window on your desktop. Within it, there’s another Windows desktop, like what you may see should you put in Windows 10 and determined to use an area account.

The Sandbox virtual PC isn’t fairly like your own. For one thing, not one of the personalization options you’ve put in ( will carry over, reminiscent of favorites and themes. And that’s good! One of the concepts behind Sandbox isn’t to put your personal info out into the wild, so don’t be tempted to log in with your private account. None of your third-party software will seem both. You continue to have entry to File Explorer, however it’s restricted to the Sandbox, with a subset of your PC’s assets out there. Observe, too, that only one occasion of Windows Sandbox is allowed at a time.

You’ll in all probability be instantly tempted to open Windows Sandbox as a full-screen app. That’s high-quality, particularly as Microsoft has helpfully positioned a big, Windows XP-style header at the prime of the window, reminding you that you simply’re working inside Sandbox. Concentrate to it—the very last thing you want to do is carelessly change again to your “real” PC and open that dodgy web site that you simply meant to launch in Sandbox. Edge browser and File Explorer windows opened within Sandbox gained’t determine themselves because the Sandbox versions. Be happy to mess around with the Windows Settings within Sandbox, when you’d like, and see how it differs from your most important Windows set up.

The Windows Sandbox splash display. You’ll see this for several seconds each time you launch Sandbox. An empty Sandbox window consumed about 1.2GB of reminiscence in our exams operating on a first-generation Surface Laptop computer, so chances are you’ll give you the option to depart a Sandbox window open.

Because Windows Sandbox isn’t run as a virtual machine, but as an app, there’s not as much of a efficiency hit on your PC as a real virtual machine. (For those who’d like to know more concerning the technical underpinnings of Sandbox, take a look at Microsoft’s help page ( However remember that Sandbox is going to take a piece of your PC’s assets for its own use, together with a portion of the CPU, reminiscence, and disk area. If your PC is already pokey, each it and the Sandbox virtual PC will run much more slowly.

Sandbox’s app status also benefits you when you ever want to interact with any information you might have downloaded. A Hyper-V virtual machine isolates the file system so that malware can’t escape. Any information you need to copy out of a Hyper-V VM requires a Distant Desktop connection or Enhanced Session Mode. Regular individuals don’t want to cope with any of that! Sandbox merely permits you to reduce and paste (or copy) any file on it proper to your “real” desktop. That’s very useful if the utility you have been testing seems to be

This is how much storage Windows assigned to Windows Sandbox, with 132 GB free on our Floor Laptop check machine.

helpful in any case.

I didn’t discover any bugs or crashes related to Sandbox, with one exception. In case you’re having hassle accessing the Web from within Windows Sandbox, as I did, it’s your decision to tweak your firewall settings to permit access to the Sandbox apps, or just regulate your international protection settings.

Windows Sandbox gained’t inform you if a dodgy program is secretly sending info back to a third-party server, or whether some other pernicious activity is happening with out your information. (Superior users might monitor network visitors in the event that they desired, nevertheless.) But if that file a “friend” despatched you seems to be ransomware, it gained’t do any harm in Sandbox.

Keep in mind, you possibly can shut down Windows Sandbox at any time. If you do, you’ll receive a message that whatever is saved within it is gone for good. The protections Sandbox provides go away should you copy a hazardous file from inside the virtual machine out to your major Windows set up, in fact.


What you might shortly understand, nevertheless, is that Sandbox is more than only a testbed for apps you’re unsure about. It’s additionally a bonus layer of safety if you’re poking concerning the net. We appreciated Windows 10’s hidden secure browser, Windows Gadget Software Guard (, however it allowed you to download information solely to its own secure surroundings. With Sandbox, you’ll be able to copy information between Sandbox to your PC.

Both Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome embrace their own sandboxing parts to shield your PC. However for those who actually don’t belief a specific website, you possibly can all the time open Edge inside your Sandbox (making a kind of “sandbox within a Sandbox”) and open that untrusted website. Are you a bit skeptical that Chrome’s Incognito mode doesn’t monitor your searching? Obtain Chrome within Sandbox, surf away without logging into your Google account, then destroy your entire session by closing Sandbox.

Windows Sandbox doesn’t anonymize your viewing—your Web supplier will still theoretically have a document of what websites you’ve visited, until you also use a VPN— but once you destroy the Sandbox, that searching document completely disappears. And when you download one thing you’re unsure about, you possibly can all the time check it within Sandbox to help determine whether or not it’s truly malicious.

Oddly, Windows Defender doesn’t appear

BitTorrent worked simply effective. You never know what exactly you’re downloading, though, which is why Sandbox is perhaps a good suggestion.

to work inside Sandbox, but I downloaded a free third-party antivirus from BitDefender and was in a position to verify particular person information for malware.

As we noted earlier, Sandbox calls for a worth when it comes to efficiency. Operating on a first-gen Floor Laptop computer (with a Core i5-7200U Kaby Lake chip powering it), simply three media-rich Edge tabs inside Sandbox wolfed up enough assets to maintain the entire CPU utilization nicely above 90 %. I sometimes saw a bit of stuttering when shifting down a webpage. With a more strong Floor Professional (2017; and a few code revisions later, Windows Sandbox ran far more smoothly.

Don’t assume that you simply’ll be enjoying games inside Sandbox. However opening an e-mail by way of Positive. Downloading what I assumed was a Linux distribution over uTorrent? That labored just effective. (Making an attempt to mount the ISO file inside Sandbox, though, didn’t.)

How far you incorporate Sandbox into your everyday life is up to you. We’ve already seen Sandbox movies demonstrating the

You gained’t see any personalization choices by default. It’s in all probability a good idea to depart your private knowledge out of Sandbox until crucial.

results of pc viruses ( vrus)—because once they’ve finished wreaking havoc on the Sandbox virtual machine, the Sandbox may be shut down. (We nonetheless wouldn’t advocate this with recognized risks, as we will’t say for sure that malware gained’t find a way to escape of the Sandbox virtual machine.) However, Sandbox gives the potential for far more than app trials.

Observe that there are other third-party sandbox purposes which you could nonetheless attempt: Sandboxie (both free and paid versions); BitBox, designed specifically for shopping; ShadeSandbox, and extra. All of them have their very own execs and cons. What Windows Sandbox presents, although, is the convenience of a free, secure sandboxing answer built right into Windows. And shortly, everyone with Windows 10 Pro may have it.